Indianto is the brainchild of its founder, Namita, who has herself always been passionate about holistic and natural health, beauty and wellness methods.

She claims that approaching the milestone of 50 propelled her to uncover this treasure trove of Ayurvedic, organic, ethically sourced and completely natural products.

A little confused at the start, as there were so many so-called "natural" products available, she trudged on and sifted through brands on the basis of Ayurvedic legacy or actual tests and trials. It is thus, that we came upon the idea of Indiianto, which brings you these tried and tested Ayurvedic gems on one platform. 

In Namita's own words, "The result of using these miraculous products, though slow and steady, is so wholesomely evident over time and leaves one feeling healthy inside and out."

Indiianto  carries both traditional and contemporary Ayurvedic brands, and offers Ayurvedic solutions for Health, Beauty, Wellness and Immunity. Besides skin care and hair care, our collection of Ayurvedic oils and Herb powders, sourced from across the country, will almost certainly take your fancy.

We do hope that you have to search no further for sustaining your personal beauty and wellness needs, and revel in having rediscovered our ancient Indian science and the wisdom of Ayurveda.