Dark Circles

Dark circles and puffy eyes are signs suggesting changes in your body and mind. Appearance of dark circles happen are a result of thin skin under eye getting darker, making the blood vessels under it more visible. Ayurveda is an old way of healing. The 6,000-year-old science is powerful enough to treat problems around the eye area in a natural holistic way.

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Dark Circles

Have dark circles been your greatest skincare baggage?

Although concealer can cover up under-eye dark pigmentation and puffiness, it is a sign that we need to take better care of our skin. The skin under our eyes can appear tired and dull due to factors like extended periods spent staring at bright screens, sun exposure, pollution, lack of sleep, and dehydration. These factors can harm the natural radiance of our under-eye skin.

A regular eye care routine is essential for maintaining a youthful appearance, no matter what age you are. The skin around the eyes is delicate and often the first to show signs of aging, including dark circles, sagging skin, and fine lines. The area is much thinner than the rest of the face and lacks ample oil glands to control the production of collagen and elastin, making it more prone to dryness and moisture loss. This can worsen appearance of dark circles.

Well, there’s a solution to this issue! Ayurveda offers natural remedy for treating dark circles, just like any other skin problem. Under eye creams packed with herbal ingredients are formulated to intensely moisturize the delicate skin under your eyes, reduce dark circles, smooth lines, fight wrinkles, and brighten your face. Indiianto has created a range of herbal products specifically designed for dark circles that address concerns related to the eyes. These under eye creams are formulated to bring life back to your eyes.

What Causes Under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness?

In Ayurveda, dark circles can be caused by an aggravated due to multiple factors like inconsistent sleep habits or sleep deprivation. Infrequent and inadequate meals not consisting of all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals can also contribute to this imbalance. Eye Puffiness, on the other hand, is caused when tissues around your eyes, including the muscles supporting your eyelids, weaken due to age. The normal fats that support your eyes can thereby move into your eyelids and cause them to swell up.

According to Ayurveda, under eye dark circles and puffiness are caused by a variety of factors. The Ayurvedic system believes that dark circles can be caused by an imbalance of the three doshas, which are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. When these doshas are out of balance, it can affect the flow of energy and fluids in the body, leading to the appearance of dark circles and puffiness

under the eyes. The imbalance can aggravate due to excessive stress, inadequate sleep, poor diet, dehydration, and the accumulation of toxins in the body. Puffiness of eyes is a cause of weakening of tissues around eyes and muscles responsible for supporting eyelids. To offer external support to lids, normal fats supporting eyes move into eyelids leading to swollen appearance.

Our Products to remove Under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness

It is suggested to add an under eye cream or serum early on in your eye care routine to prevent or address concerns related to the eye area. At Indiianto, we use natural and organic ingredients in our eye care products that are rich in peptides and cooling humectants. These ingredients provide vital nutrients to the skin around the eyes.


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