• Bye Bye Dark Spots Set
  • Bye Bye Dark Spots Set
  • Bye Bye Dark Spots Set
  • Bye Bye Dark Spots Set
  • Bye Bye Dark Spots Set
  • Bye Bye Dark Spots Set
  • Bye Bye Dark Spots Set
  • Bye Bye Dark Spots Set

Bye Bye Dark Spots Set

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Description - 

Say no to dark spots with this potent formulation of face oil and cream.
Dark spots can be caused by excessive sun exposure, acne scars, hormonal changes, stress or due to hereditary reasons. A good skin care routine is helpful to fade spots keep the skin even and clear. Power packed with natural ingredients like turmeric, saffron, wheat germ oil and avocado; this dark spots set of face oil and cream will help you lighten dark spots and help clear out your skin.
The Dark Spot Corrector Cream- A spot treatment cream with only natural ingredients is formulated to reduce the appearance of spots and helps to make the skin more even toned. See an improved clarity of the skin with reduced acne and spots.
The Skin Lightening Oil – A lightweight and silky face oil helps to fade brown patches and spots by delivering the right ingredients deep into the skin layers. Use daily at night on a clean face.

Key Benefits :
Improve skin discoloration
Fade dark spots
Reduce marks
Even skin tone
Keep skin clear

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types.

Especially beneficial for:
Dark Spots
Sun Spots
Acne and Age Spots
Discoloured Skin
Uneven Skin Tone

How to use - 


Cleanse face as usual.
Gently massage the Dark Spot Corrector Cream on face and neck
Leave on to absorb into the skin.
Reapply after 4 hours if out in the sun.


Cleanse face as usual.
Gently apply the skin lightening oil on face and massage lightly.
Use as a last step in your skin care routine
Leave on to absorb into the skin
Use daily at night for best results

Ingredients - 

TURMERIC: Studies show that Turmeric is one of the most effective ingredients to treat skin discoloration and patches on the skin.
It’s natural anti- inflammatory properties help to calm and soothe over active skin cells that might be producing excess melanin.

ASHWAGANDHA: A cherished ingredient in Ayurveda, Ashwagandha or Indian Goose Berry is full of anti oxidants that turn around the imbalance in th skin.
When mixed with other herbs like saffron and turmeric , it supports fading of spots and delivers nutrients to our skin cells to boost new cell regrowth.

SAFFRON: Rich and priceless Saffron is famous for make our skin tone more even by lightening spots and patches. It reforms our skin texture by
making it smoother and more clear looking .

WHEAT GERM OIL: The vitamins in wheat germ oil increase cell production and reveal fresher new cells which makes your skin appear clearer and fresher

ALMOND OIL: A wonder oil that increases the elasticity of the skin that helps make the skin appear smoother . Also helps to diminish spots and helps nourish the skin.

AVOCADO OIL: The high fat content in avocados lightens dark patches. As a powerful anti- oxidant it helps to protect the skin from damage and from producing more spots.

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