• Kumkumadi Brightening Set
  • Kumkumadi Brightening Set
  • Kumkumadi Brightening Set
  • Kumkumadi Brightening Set
  • Kumkumadi Brightening Set
  • Kumkumadi Brightening Set

Kumkumadi Brightening Set

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Description - 

Kumkumadi Ultimate Brightening

24 Hours Glow is like a dream for any skin. Pollution, sun exposure and stress cause the skin to become dull. It is necessary to
have a skin care routine that will help your skin overcome these aggressors so you can keep glowing all day and night.

24 Hours Glow is now a reality with this Ultimate Skin Brightening set of Kumkumadi Oil and Kumkumadi Gel.

Kumkumadi Brightening Gel – A beautifully textured smooth face gel derived with the richest ingredients to make your skin brighter and more radiant.It helps protect your skin from getting dull and lifeless.

Kumkumadi Oil – When your skin  lacks hydration, your complexion  looks dull and tired. Dehydrated skin also takes time to heal itself. With the luxurious Kumkumadi Oil , your skin can replenish those essential oils to bring out your natural glow and radiance all day and night.


Improve skin radiance
Makes skin brighter
Protects skin from stress and pollution
Gives a day and night glow

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types.

Especially beneficial for:
Dull Skin
Dehydrated Skin
Tired Lifeless Skin

How to use - 


Cleanse face as usual.
Smoothen the Kumkumadi Gel all over face and neck.
Leave on for the Gel to melt into your skin.
Reapply after 4 hours if needed
Apply daily for best results


Cleanse face as usual
Massage a thin layer of the oil on face
Leave on to absorb into the skin
Apply daily at night for best results
Use as a last step in your skincare routine

Ingredients - 

Kumkuma: Known to improve the texture of the skin and boost its radiance by delivering rich nutrients to the skin.
This luxurious ingredient also helps improve the clarity of the skin to make it luminous

Neel Kamal: The properties of this luxurious flower , enhance the look of the skin and hydrate it from within. This makes the skin look smoother and more supple for a longer time.

Sandalwood : A favourite skin care ingredient , Sandalwood helps to elevate the skin from dull to bright. It also gives a very natural glow to the skin by blocking sun damage to the skin.

Manjistha : An excellent herb to bring out a natural glow by purifying and repairing the skin . Helps to improve blood circulation that boosts the nourishment to the skin cells.

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