• Ojas Shastra Tablet - 60 Tablets
  • Ojas Shastra Tablet - 60 Tablets
  • Ojas Shastra Tablet - 60 Tablets
  • Ojas Shastra Tablet - 60 Tablets

Ojas Shastra Tablet - 60 Tablets Ojas-shastra-tablet

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Reproductive wellness is a top priority for humankind. To help with this, Swastha Shastra has prepared a unique formula to increase vigor and vitality in men.

Ojas Shastra is made from seven types of herbs, including Bangan, Shilajit, Assandh, Jaiphal, Long, Jatamansi, and Sesame oil. It helps strengthen the veins of the body. Ojas Shastra provides essential nutrients and increases blood supply, without any side effects.


Natural Ingredients


Shilajit, also called mineral pitch, is the result of breaking down of plant matter and minerals. It is a dark, viscous, tar-like substance found in high mountain ranges. Shilajit has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, as the compounds in it are beneficial. Due to the rejuvenating properties of this Ayurvedic herb, it helps to improve energy levels, increase overall stamina and sex


A small evergreen herb whose root and berries are used to make medicine in Ayurveda. Ashwagandha is commonly used to reduce stress. It is also used as adaptogen for many other conditions. Ashwagandha is also known to enhance the sex life among men, and is also proven by modern science to be safe and effective


Jaiphal is considered a powerful aphrodisiac, digestive stimulant, essential oil that reduces pain associated with headaches and treats the common cold, cough, and asthma. The myriad of nutrients presents in nutmeg include fiber, magnesium, copper, calcium, manganese, iron and vitamin B6, folate. Jaiphal contains antioxidant compounds that protect your cells from free radical damage


There are many remedies related to the use of cloves in Ayurvedic. Consumption of cloves increases appetite, stops vomiting, stomach gas, excessive thirst, and Kapha Dosha are cured. Along with this, you can get benefits by using cloves in blood disorders, respiratory diseases, hiccups, and tuberculosis. According to experts, cloves are considered beneficial for men.


In Ayurveda, brinjal is a nutritious food that is rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber and is low in calories, helps in weight management as it is low in calories and rich in dietary fiber which helps in improving digestion and metabolism. Brinjal also helps in managing cholesterol levels which helps in keeping the heart healthy. It helps in relieving pain and inflammation due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties

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