Ayurvedic Hair Colour

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Hair colour is one of the most common hair treatments today. People adopt this treatment for a number of reasons including covering gray hair, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, change original color of hair etc. Hair coloring can transform your look, boost confidence, present a youthful look, and even smooth out the frizz. You can find below a huge collection of Ayurvedic Hair color at best prices with free shipping.

Ayurvedic Hair Colour

Buy Ayurvedic Hair Colour Online in India from Indiianto

Hair color has become a common treatment, an integral part of many individuals lives these days. Present day lifestyle and environmental changes has resulted in many issues such as premature greying. Greying can affect ones appearance and self-confidence in many ways.

These days, men and women like to experiment with hair, especially colors. However, regular hair colors available on the market are loaded with bleach and other chemicals. These are harmful for hair and overall health. Regular application of chemical laden hair colors can lead to hair fall, weak roots, and breakage of hair. Additionally, the chemicals in hair color can strip off natural oils from scalp resulting in hair fall and split ends.

Greying of hair can be a problem. The best solution is to use natural hair color. Use of the correct product for coloring will help maintain hair health. Ayurvedic hair color can protect hair from becoming rough and dry. It will prevent hair fall or greying of hair. Apart from using Ayurvedic hair color, it is advised to use an all-natural Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask. This will help you attain long, beautiful soft hair.

How To Use Herbal Natural Colour To Dye Hair?

It is not difficult to use herbal hair color at home. Start with a patch skin test to check for allergies. Read the instructions given in the package carefully. Mix the dye with warm water and apply to a small area on your scalp for patch test. Cover with cling wrap and leave for 2 hours thereafter remove the wrap, wash off the color and wait for 48 hours. If you experience no irritation or allergy then the product is safe to use.

Mix the dye with warm water (read instructions for understanding the measurements) in a non-metallic bowl and mix well to a smooth consistency.

Cover your shoulders with a towel and put on the gloves. Apply dye to your hair in sections with a brush or fingers. Start with the roots and work your way to the ends.

Cover head with cling wrap. Also wrap a towel around your head. Leave for 1-4 hours.

Why Use Ayurvedic Black and Brown Hair Colors?

Hair undergoes the following three phases of development:

  • Stage 1: Growth
  • Stage 2: Transition
  • Stage 3: Resting

A hair strand comprises of three layers. The outermost layer imparts shine to the hair. The middle layer holds pigment cells that contribute to hair color. Third or last layer of hair is not much visible. In case, the hair is extremely fine, the last layer is invisible. When the pigment cells become inactive, the hair turns white.

Aging is the major cause of graying of hair among men and women. In most cases, people resort to permanent chemical hair dyes, easily available in the market. These are considered as the best solution to color hair and cover grays. However, the chemicals in these hair colors tend to cause a lot of harm. One of the major consequences of this action is severe damage to the hair cuticle. This leads to significant deterioration of hairs overall structural integrity. The hair may face several side effects such as breakage, split ends, dryness, brittleness, loss of shine and many more.

The best solution is to use natural alternatives to chemical hair colors. Ayurvedic hair color products are known to be the best. These colors contain natures goodness. Hair color prepared with natural herbs is completely devoid of harsh chemicals. Most of these colors are designed on the principle nourishment and nurturing to ensure long-lasting beauty.

In India, Ayurvedic preparations for beauty and health have been used since centuries. Men and women from the ancient times have been using Ayurveda to address all kinds of health and beauty issues. Whether it is hair loss, dandruff, dullness, or premature graying, this ancient healing science will make your hair healthy. Using natural solution will keep gray strands at bay without causing any distress or damage to hair.

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