Belly Button Oils

Belly Button Oil

Ayurveda emphasises on maintaining an elemental balance in the mind, body and spirit. It originated from the Indian sub-continent and is now practised in various countries for a holistic approach and complete healing.

Belly button oils are an acient Ayurvedic technique, and a practice that hasexisted for over 3000 years.

'Nabhi' or Navel, is known as the source of conciousness. Nabhi is a focal point and a potent energy provider. The 'Pechouti' situated behind our Belly button is crowded with 72,000 veins that are connected to the different parts of the body. It is the most accessible place to communicate directly with the brain.

The Navel, therefore, can play a good part in acheiving a balance with your hormones. The Navel is a channel in detecting dried veins and supplying oil to them, removing toxins, nourishing the organs and pumping nutrients to the body.

With our Belly button oils, you can experience this ancient self-care technique the modern way.